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Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) Membership

SWANA and Safety The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) is the organization behind the Slow Down to Get Around (SDTGA) campaign that is saving lives across the country. Thanks to their hard work to promote the safety of recycling and garbage workers, 25 states have passed laws requiring drivers to slow down and … Read more

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Girls Like Garbage Trucks Too!

Unicorns, mermaids and princesses are great. But sometimes garbage trucks are better! If your little princess’s chariot of choice is big and loud, then a handcrafted custom garbage truck bed is what you need! Custom Truck Beds These beds are made from only the highest quality materials. By working closely with parents on new designs … Read more

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How to Throw a Fun Garbage Truck Party at Home

This garbage truck’s dumping in for a fun, trash-themed party kids will never forget! No dumpster diving involved, we promise.😉 Better get your little one ready, things are about to get a little messy in here! Parents, let’s face it. There’s something about garbage trucks that get kids running to the door every time they’re nearby. … Read more

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Kidnapped 10-year-old saved by Pelican Waste Team Members

Two Louisiana sanitation workers are being hailed as heroes for saving a 10-year-old girl who had been abducted from a family member’s home. The girl, Jalisa Lasalle, had gone missing from a family member’s New Iberia home Sunday between 1 and 2 p.m., according to the New Iberia Police Department. Investigators initially believed she was … Read more

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Waste and Recycling Workers Week - Presidents' Day

Happy Birthday, President Washington! From Waste & Recycling Workers Week

Presidents’ Day is a day of patriotic celebration, ceremonies, reenactments and remembrance. On Presidents’ Day we honor the presidents that have led our great country and celebrate the birthday of George Washington who founded our nation. Without him and his leadership, there would be no Presidents’ Day and no USA. Honoring Leadership and Service Just like Washington … Read more

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Custom Beds to Thrill Your Littlest Garbage Truck Fan

Each bed is customized to the individual child with style, size, color, lights, text, sirens, personalized license plate and just about anything else you can come up with. Made from cabinet grade wood and painted with low to no VOC paints these custom beds are easy to setup and require no tools. There are no … Read more

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Tips for Winter WRWW

3 (non)Wasteful Tips for Winter

1. Enjoy the Weather Some things are out of our control. When dangerous weather conditions cause interruptions in garbage service, know that we are doing our best and will be back on schedule as soon as we can. Take this time to enjoy the wonder of winter weather. 2. Spread the Warmth Your waste and … Read more

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Slow Down to Get Around: A Campaign to Save Lives

What is SDTGA?

SDTGA is an acronym for Slow Down to Get Around, an important movement to protect our waste and recycling workers while they are out on the road. A Campaign to Save Lives Slow Down to Get Around (SDTGA) is SWANA’s national safety campaign. The campaign aims to remind motorists to drive with extra caution around … Read more

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10 Major Dates in Garbage Man History

Did you know this respected profession goes back to at least 3000 B.C.? This holiday season, we want to remember the impact that garbage workers have had on our history. Here are 10 milestones in garbage history: 1350 A.D. – The first garbage men got their jobs when England passed a law requiring front yards to … Read more

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Republic Services honors employee of 43 years

A National Solid Waste Management Association Driver of the Year, Joe Romero has spent most of his 43-year career at the Apache Junction Landfill. A few weeks ahead of his official retirement, Republic Services honored him with a special dedication.

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