World Space Week 2021 | Women in Space

Happy World Space Week In 1999, the United Nations General Assembly passed as resolution recognizing October 4th-10th as World Space Week. This year’s theme is “Women in Space.” The annual week long celebration is dedicated to “the contributions of space science and technology to the betterment of the human condition.” An international event, World Space … Read more

Hello Fall! 4 Ways to Change with the Season

Fall means different things across the country. For some it means vibrant landscapes, trips to orchards for apple picking and preparation for the winter months ahead. For others it means a break from the summer heat and tourists vacating local beaches to return home. No matter what climate you live in, Autumn is a time … Read more

Custom Garbage Truck Beds for Your Littlest Garbage Truck Fan

Each bed is customized to the individual child with style, size, color, lights, text, sirens, personalized license plate and just about anything else you can come up with. Made from cabinet grade wood and painted with low to no VOC paints these custom beds are easy to setup and require no tools. There are no … Read more

Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) Membership

SWANA and Safety The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) is the organization behind the Slow Down to Get Around (SDTGA) campaign that is saving lives across the country. Thanks to their hard work to promote the safety of recycling and garbage workers, 25 states have passed laws requiring drivers to slow down and … Read more

Order the Best Kid’s Garbage Truck Bed

Quality Craftsmanship Each garbage truck bed is carefully designed with its future owner in mind. It starts with a wishlist and evolves into a custom blueprint. Every detail is planned, from rim color and license plates to interactive features. The perfect garbage truck is then brought to life with skillful craftsmanship. The final product is … Read more

Celebrate Waste & Recycling Workers Every Day (and Night)

Another Waste and Recycling Workers Week has come and gone. We hope you enjoyed celebrating, sharing gratitude and educating kids about the service your neighborhood sanitation workers provide. We know no community stays safe, happy and clean without the service of outstanding waste and recycling workers and all the support staff in the sanitation industry. … Read more


Save Lives with One Easy Choice

Slow Down to Get Around It sounds so simple, but many drivers fail to do it. When you’re driving behind a recycling or garbage truck performing curbside collection services, slow down. Leave a little extra space to accommodate frequent stops and slow down before passing. We understand drivers are often in a hurry. So many … Read more

Design the Perfect Garbage Truck

Waste and Recycling Workers Week is just around the corner. This week long celebration is all about thanking your local waste and recycling workers for the hard work they do all year long. There are lots of ways to celebrate and show your appreciation, but there’s one fun and very cool idea you might not … Read more

Waste and Recycling Workers Week Stamps

Waste and Recycling Workers Week Commemorative Stamps

Recognizing the Waste Industry With every celebration and proclamation issued by a city, state or company, we see hundreds of individuals in the waste and recycling industry recognized for their hard work and contribution to society. Without these valuable sanitation and recycling services, we would not enjoy clean streets, litter-free streams, or safety from diseases … Read more

Celebrate Waste and Recycling Workers Week in Your Area!

Georgia and Michigan Release Proclamations Joining many states, cities and municipalities around the nation, the Governors of both Georgia and Michigan recently released proclamations declaring the celebration of Waste and Recycling Workers Week for the week of June 17th! View the Georgia Governor’s proclamation here. View the Michigan Governor’s proclamation here.  Don’t miss where SWANA … Read more